Game Development Portfolio

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  • Tools: Unity Game Engine, Xcode, Gimp, DaVinci Resolve
  • Language  : C#
  • Platform: iOS – iPhone and iPad
  • Find Gravity Jam Gem, ArrowStack, ColorStomp, Airblown and Sliderball2D on the App Store now!

Self Destruct Mode

A fun app to truely get your geek out…

Inspired by the action sci-fi genre this app allows you to simulate a self-destruct mode sequence on your device. Just place your finger on the so called scanner, not a real scanner of course. Then after a 5 second count-down a sound effect and full screen image of cracked glass will initiate, simulating the appearance that your device has self-destructed.

Features include –

  • Use Siri to launch – “Hey Siri, launch self-destruct mode.”
  • Dramatic sound effects and images that give a realistic experience.
  • Voice prompting and final count-down sequence.
  • LCD output graphic interface*
  • Home button aborts and/or restarts self-destruct sequence at anytime.

*LCD Font created by Samuel Reynolds. Available at

  • Tools: Xcode, Gimp, DaVinci Resolve
  • Language  : Swift 5
  • Platform: iOS – iPhone and iPad
  • Downloads/Plays: Portfolio only

Physics Material Manager

With the ability to view and adjust all of the physics material properties within one editor window, your designer can see how unity’s physics engine affects each object in run-time. This streamlines the entire process and eliminates the hassle of working through each physics material in a separate window, saving clicks and time!!  Check it out now on the Unity Asset Store.

  • Tools: Unity – Game Engine
  • Language  : C#
  • Platform: Unity editor extension
  • Downloads/Plays: Over 700 – past 12 months

Black Hole bowls

Made with Unity3D BlackHole bowls is an inter-galactic sci-fi single-player bowling game with amazing bowling physics. Ball hooks that bend time and space (not really, just a great way to gain more STRIKES). Give it a go and see if you can get a personal best. Play it now on Kongregate

  • Tools: Unity – Game Engine
  • Language : C#
  • Platform: Kongregate – WebGL
  • Downloads/Plays: 147