BlackHole Bowls – Scoring a Strike [lighting sequence]_V4










I can’t leave it alone, added ‘STRIKE’ text and change of color.

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BlackHole Bowls – Scoring a Strike [lighting sequence]










I worked on this last night, so need to now code a color sequence for when a player gets a STRIKE. The lighting effect is Volumetric Lines free from the Unity Asset Store.

Next job is sound and background music. I found this (free) on the Unity Asset store  SoundManagerPro 3: Next-Gen Audio and Sound Toolkit. Looks amazing can’t wait to use it.

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BlackHole Bowls – Development and Process – Part 5


The time it takes a lonely developer – my little rant

I know that this is something that I’ve heard a number of times, but really working a game is such a lengthy process. When I started this process I decided that I wanted to create a quality game and not just publish for the sake of publishing. However, being the only person working on this project and working a full-time job it’s a hard road. I also have the title of learner, so the process is slower, but I do wonder if everyone is always on a learning curve. I must say I have high standards and attention to detail, I just can’t let things go without review and fine tuning.

Saying this, BlackHole Bowls has filled me with a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the process of developing games.

Even though, the project at times feels like a blackHole, I have loved the process but do feel a little lonely sometimes. 😦


BlackHole Bowls – Development and Process – Part 4

Game Mechanics – Throw the ball













This has been an on going process, I didn’t realize how difficult it is to create a throwing ball. The idea and hope was to allow the player to throw the bowling ball and at the same time set the speed of the ball down the lane. I’ve been using the simple formula



This still requires fine tuning but it’s getting there.


Got to love coding on the hop


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BlackHole Bowls – Development and Process – Part 3

Game Mechanics – impact on pins


Finding this code in the Unity3D community forum was total joy and happiness, I know I’m a lame newbie.


To date and from a newbie perspective, I think it rates as the coolest bit of code for unity physics. It actually works out the impact of the collider (ball in this case) and then calculates the impact force to the attached game object (the pins) to simulates the collision effect.

This will be in the code tool box for a while 😉


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